VASARA Skincare: A Botanical Anthology

VASARA Skincare: A Botanical Anthology

Product Review By Neha Hobson  

Hidden in an obscure little part of Western Australia that’s known for its flora and fauna, and bounded by the Indian ocean to its west and its north, you will find an exclusive gem. A little skincare sanctuary where science and poetry unite, with in-house formulations that are tailor-made using wild-harvested ingredients and artisan distillations. And the best part? They are uniquely guided by ancient Holistic Therapies such as Ayurveda and Aromatherapy. Enter VASARA – a blooming brand, with a big heart and dreams to match. 

Self-care is historical and sacred

In the words of Carla, one of the creators of VASARA:

“Throughout history and across cultures there are beautiful examples of women collectively participating in the art of self-care. Stories from ancient Indian, African, and European traditions where women learn from and care for one another have greatly influenced and inspired the birthing of our brand. In our own way we wish to continue this tradition and carry on our own legacy. What does it mean to age gracefully in the long run? Our needs change as we move through different phases of our lives as women, however consistent self-care practices, good nutrition, and not looking for quick fixes, all pay dividends in the long run. We are passionate about skincare education – teaching women the skills to look after themselves and inspiring them to respect their bodies and to embrace their age – just as generations have done before us. Age is a gift. Being a woman is a gift.

To sum it up, VASARA is the result of a beautiful collaboration between sisters, dear friends, mentors and passionate students of life, femininity and beauty. For Christine it is the artistic expression of a life’s work. Our elixirs and masques are the most sophisticated and recent examples of this. For my sister, VASARA is an opportunity to combine her passion and understanding of our skincare, Ayurveda, anatomy and massage therapies to help clients achieve not only healthy, glowing skin but a healthy mind and body also. In a world where stress is at an all-time high, our aim is to release tension and move towards connectedness.”

My Experience with VASARA

First impressions – beautiful rose-pink and black packaging conveys simple, down-to-earth luxury. The subtle botanical fragrances in each of the products instantly unfold as the product is warmed in my hands, transporting me to another time and space. I feel inspired and relaxed. Most of the products feel quite light in their texture, yet hydrating and complex – except the skin oil, also known as the skin ‘Elixir’ – which is meant to be quite rich and nourishing. I instantly know that this will be one of my favourites, and I’m excited to try the range. As my skin is naturally inclined towards being dehydrated (and prone to pigmentation due to my ethnic background) I tend to feel dry and lacklustre at times. Hence I’m drawn to rich, nourishing face oils and serums that can give me a deeply hydrated feeling and brightened skin. Prior to using VASARA, I hadn’t experienced a range that combined the concepts of both aromatherapy and ayurveda.

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