On Formulating and Blending

On Formulating and Blending

By Christine Platten, VASARA Formulator

When we inhale the scent of a beautiful rose, we connect with sunlight, moonlight and the ancient intelligence of many millennia. Roses have existed on our planet for 30 million years. They carry in their DNA their ancient evolutionary wisdom relating to the Earth; Her waters, Her winds and Her spirit clothed in fragrance.

As a formulator I draw on all parts of manifested creation, the alchemical elements; water, air, fire, earth and the quintessence; time, space and spirit. Our products are bio-energetic in nature, our skin and body naturally connect with this type of energy. We recognise the life force and the messages conveyed by the fragrant and non-fragrant plant extracts. Traditional Western phytotherapy, fused with Ayurvedic principles best describes the philosophy underlying our contribution to mindful transformation.

All fragrant blends in our products are created with intended purpose, not for aesthetics. We seek essential oils that are naturally infused by Source with light, as the majority of oils commercially available today are dulled and stripped of their inherent truth messages. This automatically renders them unsuitable for our purpose. We approach natural fragrance with a deep and profound appreciation for our biological unity with our environment. 

The blending of our fragrance components can be likened to creating a piece of music, painting or architecture. The approach is determined by the intended energetic outcome. I open myself to full communion with the oil Devas. Each individual essential oil is met as a being that contributes her part to the intended blend. To further enhance harmonic coherence and balance, I employ a variety of energy tools such as gemstones, sound and sacred geometry.

The elements that make up our body and everything that keeps us alive - water, food, the air we breathe, the light and warmth of the sun, the materials we make our clothes from, our houses, our tools and so on - we owe it all to nature.

- Omraan Mikhael Aivanhov (1900-1986)

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